motoko_stan_madeleine.jpgHere’s a shot of Motoko, me, and Madeleine at the Blue Fin Restaurant in Cambridge on Sept. 7. I was in the Boston area on a family visit. After lunch, Motoko ran off with her husband (Gordon) to the finals of the US Open Tennis Tournament in NYC. I ran off with Madeleine to dessert and more chat at the stately home she and her husband (Andy) recently acquired, renovated, and now occupy in Belmont, MA. (Thanks to Joel’s good efforts, this is my first-ever blog post!)


It’s now Canadian Hill, a housing complex that includes a senior daycare center.

Canadian Hill, Nagamine-dai, Nada-ku, KobeWhere the CA girls dorm used to beWhere the HS classrooms used to be

The graveyard is still there, but much fuller. And so is the athletic field, but it belongs to the school below. Kobe Union Church is now across the street from the old basketball court.

Looking up the graveyard pathFormer CA athletic fieldKobe Union Church, Nagamine-dai, Nada-ku, Kobe

Beth Cary wishes to announce a “Boathouse Reunion” on-site at Lake Nojiri scheduled for 17-24 August 2008 to reunite all who spent summers there in the 50s, 60s, and later. Lynne Peterson (CA Class of 1965) is one of the instigators.

Something I read on another blog a while back prompted me to compile a blogpost In Memory of Joe Stanka, Jr. (CA Class of 1968). It managed to attract a comment from Kent Naka (CA Class of 1961).

In the Last Will and Testament section of our yearbook, Paul Gardner willed me “our rendez-vous in Vietnam.” I can no longer remember what that was about. Maybe neither of us was planning to go to college immediately and so both of us were likely to be drafted. Despite my initial intent, I did end up going on to college anyway, but then dropped out in my sophomore year, found myself subject to the draft, and ended up spending 996 days in the U.S. Army (all safely Stateside). I posted a series of tales from those days on my blog under the series title Good Soldier Outlier. Click on “(more…)” to see the titles and links.

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Mr. Mihara’s Seniors, 1967

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Mr. Burke's Freshmen, 1963Mr. Koop’s Freshmen, 1963